Pike’s Peak Co. Postcards

Scope – To redesign the brand identity for Just Wink postcard company with an entirely new name and aesthetic. This includes extending the brand through a series of graphic elements, containing a set of greeting cards, a thematic kit for the cards, as well as a website landing page.

Brand – Pikes Peak Co. tips its hat to the original company that helped establish the Pony Express delivery service, “Pikes Peak Express Company”. It is minimal in design for easy stamping and printing. It is neither feminine nor masculine in design, so that it caters to all. It was created to compliment its merchandise rather than become the focal point of any particular design. Postcard packs are vintage inspired, calling attention to the wonders of our natural world and words from our rich history.

User – Our target demographic is someone who wants to send a message to a friend or loved on real paper with real handwriting. In the current age of instant messaging, a letter can hold greater significance. We want to cater to those who are looking to send that extra special message and share their adventures.