Art In Craft

Scope – The goal of this project was too create a bottle system for oil painters that created aesthetically pleasing uniformity, structurally sound packaging, with never seen before accessories that aid painters in every day use.

Brand – Art in Craft pays homage to the Arts and Craft movement which emphasized using quality materials in hand crafted items. Art in Craft houses all of your art supplies in custom containers that become lifetime products.

Production – The Alla Prima Bottle set is housed within an oak box, containing four glass bottles for painters essential oils and thinners. The bottle is mounted with custom bristles that catch drips from paint brushes. The glass top acts as a washable palette, with grid layout for maximizing color organization and efficiency. It was important to let the product speak for itself, as it is of quality construction that customers should be able see and touch. The belly band displays a custom, one-off script that connects with the artistic audience taking care to not push any graphic style too strongly to appeal to most audiences.